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Sailing ...it's time for something GOOD... sailing on a sailing yacht > klausvonhorsten@gmail.com <

Business Overview

We sail You ... on the seven seas and seven hundred rivers and lakes. Welcome aboard - Many believe that sailing is elitist and requires much theoretical and practical preparation. However, the difficulty about sailing lies rather with finding the right boat, the people with whom to sail, and with finding the best places. We can offer you all of this and more - We sail you where you want and when you want. You do not sail with other passengers. You do not share your cabin, space, privacy with any other people. We do private sailing tours only. No charter /adventure or tour operated journeys and not for everyone. You choose your sailing yacht according to your needs. We sail you on your yacht, too. We are North-Europeans from UK, Switzerland and Germany. We are RYA, ASA and Swiss certified Captain and crew . We sail you in the Mediterranean sea, the Canary islands, in South East Asia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Cuba and the Caribbean islands. You want a laid back tour and not to worry about anything - that is what we are offering. We take care of your voyage, your boat, your crew. You have to do nothing. ... Happy sailing. Sailing and Sailing Yachts experience - around the ocean on boats 20 to 310 feet and tall ships. RYA qualifications/yachtmaster, working on ASA qualification108 and STCW, knowledge of many countries and mentalities, languages, well educated, reliability and good manners inclusive.

Geographic Area

The seven seas - mainly the Mediterranean sea, Canary islands. We sail in the Caribbean islands and Cuba, Europe and the Pacific islands, South east Asia.

Line of Business

Transportation > Passenger Water Transportation > Boat and Yacht Chartering

Brands We Carry

Sailing Yachts - Mono Hull boats - Choose your prefered Yacht: We organise her. We offer sailing tours, bareboat or charter tours. Our rates are individual - they are taylored for your budget, for beginners and for the enthusiasts

Products And Services

* If you need to charter a yacht: Bareboat or skippered tours - we have it or we find it. * If you need some more experience of sailing - we will teach you * We sail you and your friends and your family. No pets. * We know what we are talking about - we sail with European standard - we deliver quality. * We do the job and take care ** ...You lay back and sail away...

Additional Information

We are North Europeans - we sail with European standards - we know what we are talking about - we deliver quality.

Business Hours

Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

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